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What are Live Tours?

WalkWithMe Tours connects you with locals all around the world.

Our Live Tours connect you with a host live via video call anywhere in the world.

Live on Location

Live Tours aren’t virtual, they are live. We don’t use Google Streetview, nor do we show you a Powerpoint presentation… Our hosts will walk around with you whilst being connected live to you via video call at all times. If we offer a Live Tour in Lima, it really means your host will actually be walking with you through the streets of Lima!

Live Tours are personal, private and exclusive.

Even more personal than a regular phone call, your host will be connected to you via Video Call at all times – and they will be only connected to you!

Live Tours aren’t Zoom Rooms full of strangers. Your host will be there exclusively for you, so you can ask them questions at any time, ask them to look at some details or even to quickly turn into a street – just for you!

So not only will you be able to travel the world, you will also get to know a local professional who is going to be thrilled to show you around and share their knowledge and experience with you 🙂

Invite your Friends along for free

Your host will only be connected to you, but you can invite up to 5 friends to enjoy the experience together – as long as you are all in front of one device, your device: your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer.

Free cancellation up to 48 hrs

You can cancel your booking up to 48 hrs for a full refund, subject to our Cancellation Policy

Stabilised Camera

Some of your hosts use a gimbal to stabilise their phones for a super smooth experience! Look out for this feature in the listings.

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