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What are Extras?

For each tour, hosts can offer Extras, which you can add when booking a Live Tour. Here are some examples:

  • Extra Seat
    • We’re trying to keep things as personal as possible, but sometimes sitting around one device isn’t possible. If you want to share the experience with loved ones who can’t be with you, add an extra seat!
    • Once booked, you can simple share the video call link with them
  • Photographs
    • Ask your host to take a photo at any point during the tour. You can even direct them to the exact spot that you want to have captured! The photos will have a high resolution and will be sent to you after the tour has finished
  • Booklets
    • Get a PDF with information shared during the tour, photos and links for further research!
  • Souvenirs
    • What’s a visit without a souvenir? Your host will buy one for you while on the call! You can choose between a small fridge-magnet, keyring or statuette and it will be posted to you after the tour has finished.
  • A Postcard
    • Are you a postcard lover? Choose one from the many shops on the way and your host will write and mail it to you after the tour!
  • Extensions
    • Some hosts might offer extensions of a certain duration
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