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The history of an old city in America! Live Tour

Quito, Ecuador Architecture, Art, Culture, History, Religion
  • Languages
    English, Spanish
  • Duration
    60 Minutes

This tour will show you the first city in the world declared world heritage by the UNESCO: “Quito City”

Located at 9,000 ft high, Quito city is the highest capital of the world. A city that started its colonial time in the XV century but with a prehistory much older than that. This is a cultural tour that will show you and explain you the history and architecture of the city from before the Inca time to the the independence of Quito and the modern times.

We will travel to a time in which people used to meet around plazas and walked through narrow streets. We will start in Plaza Grande (Independence square) where we have all the political power of the city and the country located. We will admire the colonial architecture of old Quito, the palaces and churches. We will continue moving through some streets watching the First Cathedral of Quito, The Jesuit church “La Compañia” and Plaza San Francisco with its Church as well.

We will talk about legends and how Catholicism was impose in Ecuador in old times.

Come, walk with me and let me show you all this and more!



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Hosted By David


Hi, I'm David. I was born and raised in Quito, Ecuador.
I graduated in Ecotourism in Quito city.
About 13 years ago, I started working as a naturalist guide in the Amazon Rainforest and now I specialize in Private Tours around Ecuador. During all my years working as a guide, I have been learning more about Ecuador, not only about nature but also about the history and culture of my country and the indigenous groups that inhabited here.
I have guided groups as well as independent travelers coming from many parts of the world, which allowed me to know firsthand the needs and requirements of the different guests visiting this country.
Some of my hobbies came handy with my job as a guide such as photography of fauna and nature, bird watching, trekking and mountain climbing.
With this new situation of the pandemic I kept myself learning more about art and culture of Quito and Ecuador and I am really happy that it is possible to start a new way of tourism with walkwitme and you!
My tours will range from visits in the Old Town in Quito, visiting farmers markets and once a week I will try to take you visit near by destinations in Quito.
I look forward to walk with you in Quito and Ecuador!

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