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Plaza de España, a Dream Come True Live Tour

Seville, Spain Architecture, Culture, History, Nature
  • Languages
    English, Spanish, Italian
  • Duration
    60 Minutes

Plaza de España is one of Sevilla’s highlights, and one of the most beautiful monuments in Spain. Many cities and towns have their own square dedicated to Spain, usually the main one, but Plaza de España is way different from all of them. Well, it isn’t a real square, indeed.

Plaza de España was built as the Spanish pavilion for the Ibero-American expo, that took place in Sevilla in 1929. The event was conceived to remember the Spanish empire in the New World and show the bonds between Spain and its colonies. For this end, a wide and empty area outside the city was filled with dozens of pavilions featuring American countries, Spanish regions, and more. In the middle, the charming and romantic Maria Luisa park.

Our walk trhough Plaza de España will be like a journey through the whole Spanish history, geography and architecture, since countless details of the monument describe Spain, with a strong symbolism.

Trust me, you will love Plaza de España!



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Hosted By Anna


I was born in Italy and I moved to Sevilla several years ago with a student exchange program as a translation student, but at the end of it I decided to give myself a chance and start a career in tourism in Sevilla. Well...I'm still here, and I found the perfect job for me. Sevilla is both my home and my office and I definitely love my tourguide life! Every single tour is a new experience, I love to create a connection with my guests and the mutual cultural and personal enrichment that we get in just few hours together.

As Confucius said, choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Join me in this adventure, you will fall in love with Sevilla!

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