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Montjuic Hill: The views of Barcelona Live Tour

Barcelona, Spain Art, Culture, History, Judaism, Nature, Sports
  • Languages English, Spanish, French, Catalan
  • Duration 60 Minutes

Montjuïc, the hill located on the coastal side of Barcelona has some of the best viewpoints to see perfectly the whole city of Barcelona.

The hill itself is the biggest green area of the city where today we can see the fusion of three main ideas: nature, culture and sport. In this tour, I want to show you some of the greatest views of Barcelona, while I tell you the relationship that have had the hill with the city, what does the castle located on the very top of the hill mean for the Barcelona citizens and what activities have been happening on the hill during history. I want to take you for a walk through some beautiful gardens, show you a couple of art museums and let you know what are about, and of course, I want to show the Olympic ring, where the Barcelona Olympic Games took place in 92, and the connection that the area and facilities still have with the people to practice sport there.

I am going to talk about Jews, wars, Catalan culture, Catalan art, and many more things. This is, with no doubt, one of the most untypical walks of Barcelona but sure is going to teach much more than you could imagine.



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Hosted By Ariadna


I am a licensed tour guide in Catalonia originally from Girona. Practicing one of my biggest passions, travelling, I realized how rich in heritage, art, gastronomy and landscapes the place where I was born and grew up is, Catalonia.

I am a tourism professional with over 15 years of experience in different sectors of tourism, and over 6 years of experience, introducing travellers from across the world to the history, culture and attractions of Barcelona and Catalonia as a tour guide. Also, the passion I feel for my work and my own exigencies have made me take a new degree on history, art history and geography, which I am currently studying.

I would like to share this passion and love I feel for my hometown with you, while I'm telling you some secrets about it. It will be a pleasure for me!

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