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Educational Tours Services

While we look forward to the day we can safely travel together again, we are equally excited about the expanded opportunities virtual field trips can provide! Our mission is to enhance your student’s learning by listening to your specific needs and working with you to provide fun and inspirational experiences.

A Great Learning Experience

Live Tours can enhance the learning experience of your students greatly – partly because travelling online allows you to focus more on your learning outcome compared to a conventional excursion!

A Level Playing Field

On a virtual field trip not only can your class visit places which may not be accessible to them in real-world travel, but also disadvantaged students for whom travel is impossible are able to participate on an equal platform. Not to mention the negative carbon footprint, drastically reduced cost and redundant permission slips!

Amazing Variety

Our local experts around the world speak an incredible 22 languages – and counting! With topics ranging from architecture, history, religion and art to even literature there is plenty that can be learned in a fun and engaging way.

Highly Customisable

We can tailor our tours precisely to your needs, and the needs of your students. They can include activities involving the students’ participation, and can even be accompanied by extra documentation to be used as additional learning material.


Depending on the level of customisation and number of students, Educational Tours start at €80 / $100. Packages are available on request.

Get in Touch

Let us know which subject you teach, what age your students are and what kind of experience you are looking for and we’re sure we will be able to find the right host for you to create a memorable experience for you and your students!

What our customers say

I did a tour with my high school students to Venice and it was a wonderful experience. I’ve been to Venice many times and Igor, the guide for our virtual tour, really brought the city to life for us. I highly recommend this experience!

Michael, Philosophy Teacher @ Warwick Schools

It’s been an amazing experience. The itinerary combines architecture, urbanism, art and history with small details of everyday life. Rafi is very clear and accessible in her explanations, and she conveys a feeling of closeness and familiarity that at times has made us forget that we were thousands of miles apart. I have done the tour with my Spanish students from Jakarta, and I can say for them that they are looking forward to going back to Barcelona. So, Rafi, thank you very much. See you soon on another walk 🙂

Alfonso, Spanish Teacher @ Nebrija Institute

Romina is a fantastic guide! I’m a teacher of Spanish in Switzerland and I booked her tour for my students. They really enjoyed the experience! Romina offered full and clear descriptions of the city, its culture and history, always with a big smile and great sense of humor! Her explanations were interesting and informative; she was very patient and listened to all our comments, and of course, she answered all our questions. The pace of the tour was perfect, neither too fast nor too slow. All in all, we give her 5 stars! Thank you very much Romina for showing us your lovely city!

Emia, Spanish Teacher

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    Preferred contact method

    With WalkWithMe Services you get the unique opportunity to make use of our ever expanding network of local experts.

    Tell us what you're after, and we will make sure to find the right person for the job!

    How does it work?

    Live Tours are carried out by our hosts, who are outdoors, on location and connected live to you via video call at all times.

    Live on Location

    Live Tours aren’t virtual, they are live! Meaning we don’t use Google Streetview, nor will we show you a Powerpoint presentation.

    Our hosts will walk around with you whilst being connected live via video call at all times. If we offer a Live Tour in Lima, it really means your host will actually walk through the streets of Lima with you!

    Personal, Private and Exclusive

    Even more personal than a regular phone call, your host will be connected to you via video call - and they will be connected only to you!

    Live Tours aren't conference rooms full of strangers. Your host will be there exclusively for you, so you can ask them questions at any time, ask them to look at some details or even to quickly turn into a street off route - just for you!

    Not only will you be able to travel the world, you will also get to know a local professional who is going to be thrilled to show you around and share their knowledge and experience with you :)

    Invite your Friends along for free

    Your host will only be connected to you, but you can invite up to 5 friends to enjoy the experience together - as long as you are all in front of one device, your device: your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer.

    If your friends can't be with you, add a Group Ticket to your booking for an additional 5 devices!

    Free cancellation up to 48 hrs

    If you cannot reschedule, you can cancel your booking up to 48 hrs for a full refund.

    Stabilised Camera

    Some of our hosts use a gimbal to stabilise their phones for a super smooth experience! Look out for this feature in the listings.

    What about timezones?

    If you're in a different time-zone to your host, the website will show the selected time-slot in your local time in blue.

    But not to worry, your host will double check the booked time with you and you can adjust timings if necessary!

    How do I pay for my booking?

    We accept all major Credit Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal. WalkWithMe Tours will act on behalf of the host, so once you've made the payment, you don't have a payment obligation to the host anymore.

    Customised Tours

    If you're looking for something more fitting your needs, check out our Customised Tours. We're sure we can find whatever you're looking for!

    Educational Tours

    Are you a teacher or an educational institution? Check out our Educational Tours. Tailor made for your needs!

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