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Discover Paraty and Brazil’s Gold Trail Live Tour

Paraty, Brasil Architecture, Culture, History
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    English, Spanish, Portuguese
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    60 Minutes

The gold mine from Minas Gerais was discovered in the 16th century and there was so much gold that a number of trails were built to take the gold from there to Portugal. After travelling for many days along the Gold Trail, it had to be moved into large boats that would start their journey back to Europe. The port was Paraty, so the existence of this town became decisive to forge Brazil’s history. This period in time was called The Brazilian Gold Rush.

So much gold was found that plenty of churches not only in Europe but also some cities in South America were decorated with it.

Once the gold was pretty much gone the city found a different source of income: coffee beans and sugar cane which is used to create a distilled liquor called Cachaça.

In this tour we will walk along the extraordinary well preserved buildings in town, we will have a look at the churches, and learn how they were built for different people. One for wealthy white men, one for white women and another that was built specially for slaves.

We will walk the uneven cobblestoned streets and learn about the smart system of self-cleaning of the city. We will also learn about the Caiçara culture that predominates this region, whose life has a close relationship to the sea.

Are you ready to explore this magical city?

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  • Marta
    30 September 2020 at 21:35

    La visita a Paraty con Karen ha sido muy agradable muy motivadora. Viajar allí físicamente es muy complicado: primero hay que llegar a Río o Sao Paulo y luego hacer trayecto de muchas horas por carretera porque es un pueblo pequeñito y recoóndito que lleva poco tiempo siendo destino turístico. Vale la pena visitarlo online y llevarse una primera impresión de la mano de Karen: no solo conoce lo conoce en detalle sino que es una entusiasta del lugar 🙂 Hemos paseado con ella por la zona antigua, nos ha explicado mil curisidades sobre el diseño de la ciudad, la arquitectura de sus edificios y la organización de la sociedad desde su fundación. Hemos disfrutado la belleza de sus calles y hemos decidido ir en cuanto tengamos oportunidad, por muy escondido que esté.
    Gracias, Karen. Nos vemos en Paraty.

    Helpful Review 3
    • Karem
      16 October 2020 at 15:11

      Muchísimas gracias por la visita! Me deja muy feliz haber podido incluir dentro de su lista a esta bella ciudad! Ha sido un placer mostrarles este pedacito encantado! Los espero aqui! Muchas gracias 🙂 🙂

      Helpful Review

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Hosted By Karem


At a very young age I fell in love with the country side and outdoor activities, always active and constantly on the road; I was incapable of staying in one place, so it was no surprise that I would not fit in a common office working world - the idea of having to work between four walls have been terrifying for me.
I grabbed my back pack and decided to make new memories, so I started travelling abroad. Since then I have lived in Argentina, Chile and currently I live in Brazil.
Born and raised in Bolivia, I'm a citizen of the world. I started working as a tour guide at the age of 16, in my first year of University. At the beginning, work was mainly active outdoor tourism, then turned to colonial art, through history, culture, and so on. In my last job I was leading tours around several countries in South America.
Almost five years ago I arrived to this city for the first time and I have to admit that it was love at first sight. I said to myself I would live here one day. So grabbed my backpack once again and settled in this marvellous place I call home since then.

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