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  • Languages English, German
  • Duration 60 Minutes

Have a look at the place where Berlin, Germany, as well as the world was once devided. Get to know the history of the infamous “Berliner Mauer”; the construction, the improvements almost to perfection and also its downfall….

We’ll start at “Bernauer Straße” where in 1961 the residents jumped out of their windows before being evicted. See the sights where courageous students and their helpers were digging tunnels in order to be reunited with their families and friends on the other side of the wall. Listen to the stories of successful escape attempts, but also to the stories of those victims, who through death or capture were unable to fulfill their dreams of living a better life.

30 years have passed since the happiest day in German history. It was the 9th of November 1989 when the whole world witnessed the first little stone falling from the Berlin Wall. What was happening since then? Do “Wessis” (West Germans) and “Ossis” (East Germans) live in their reunified country happily ever after? How do we commemorate this momentous turning point in our history? Together we will find the answer to the first question almost every tourist who comes to Berlin has: “Where was the wall? I can’t find it!?”

The symbol of division wasn’t something we wanted to keep around to look at, but remnants still remain and a project was completed to make the former wall visible again without separating anyone! Are you curious? Come walk with me and discover Berlin!



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  • Sarah
    18 December 2020 at 18:57

    Atto was a fantastic story teller. I could really picture myself in East Berlin during the time when the Berlin Wall divided its people. Each step of the way I was given the history, the politics, the reasons for the wall and the divide, but not as a lecture. Instead I felt like I was an East Berliner experiencing the changes to my life over approximately 30 years. It was so informative and entertaining. I want to do it again!

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  • Robert
    2 December 2020 at 01:29

    We were a little unsure about this whole idea: a virtual tour in Berlin from our home in Missouri, USA? Absolutely! The history of the Berlin Wall came alive with Atto, an engaging storyteller who brought us to where the wall stood and shared the stories about the people who tried to escape from East to West Berlin. This section of Berlin is perfect for a virtual tour with the gigantic photos posted on the walls of nearby buildings to the memorials dedicated to those unsuccessful. Atto is great; we highly recommend him!

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Hosted By Atto


my name is Atto and I was born in Münster, Westphalia in former West Germany. Nowadays I live in former East-Berlin very close to where the wall once divided the city. After working in multiple professions - from gardening to theatre and television - I started working as a tour guide throughout Europe over 15 years ago. I have a keen interest for 20th century history and its consequences for society. Many of the major events of this period happened in or had a connection to Berlin, and that's why there is no better place than Berlin in order to dive into that topic.

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