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  • Languages English, Russian
  • Duration 60 Minutes

Saint-Petersburg is the city one can fall in love with once and forever. From the twilights of the White Nights to the world-beating operas the city charms and entices in every season.

Saint-Petersburg was founded in the delta of the river Neva during a stormy period of the Russian history at the beginning of the 18th century. The Neva river had always been an important waterway as a part of the “Great route”- from the Varangian lands to Greece.

Many countries tried to capture these lands during the Middle Ages. In the beginning of the 17th century Sweden succeeded and managed to annex the lands along the river Neva due to which Russia was totally cut off the Baltic sea and prevented from normal economic and cultural connections with Europe. Peter the Great’s ascend to the Russian throne and his decision to return the old Russian lands “to break the window to Europe” led to the starting of the Great Northen war against Sweden.

The foundation of the new city in the mouth of the Neva was one of Peter’s most significant acts. In 1712 Saint Petersburg became the capital city and began playing a special role in the development of economic and cultural relations with Western Europe. For the Russins themselves the city became an outpost of the Europeanized culture.

Europeans will feel at home in Saint-Petersburg despite its winter cold thanks to the immense contribution to the city artistic and cultural heritage made by Italian and French artists, musicians and most importantly architects who designed many of Saint-Petersburg famous landmarks.

Together we’ll travel back in time to see how the city was developing and step by step acquiring its splendour. We’ll be walking along the majestic river Neva which colour is as changeable as the woman’s character and enjoy the buildings and monuments of the University embankment some of which keep their century or even thousand years secrets tight but only until you come to discover them! Saint Petersburg looks forward to meeting you!!!



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Hosted By Marina


Hello, dear friends!
I was born and raised in the glorious city of Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
I passionately love my city (which is considered to be the real gem of the country) and feel very proud of being its citizen.
I've been dreaming of becoming a tour guide since secondary school: to be able to share my admiration and expertise with others and let them see life here through my eyes. And my dream came true! By now I've been worked in tourism for 17 years both as a guide and leading tours in the Baltic states and Scandinavia and work as an English teacher part time. I have a passion for history, architecture, languages (I speak English and Italian), appreciate a good joke and tasty food.
As a keen traveller myself I take every single chance to travel and can clearly imagine tourists' needs and requests.
So, I believe together we'll make your dreams come true.
Looking forward to seeing you on my tours!

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