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  • Languages English, Italian, Norwegian
  • Duration 60 Minutes

We will start this walk with a view on one of the most interesting among Oslo’s recent architectural additions: the Astrup Fearnley Museum by world-renowned architect Renzo Piano. From the popular Aker Brygge pier, dotted with restaurants and cafes, you will see the Akershus Fortress (originally built in 1300) across the water. We will then walk towards the City Hall, where the Peace Nobel award ceremony takes place each year. We will then stroll on towards Karl Johans gate with the National Theatre, the Parliament Building and the Royal Palace from afar.

Norwegians are very proud of their traditions – traditional costumes and “back to basics” weekends at the family cabin among other things – , but at the same time they like to be at the forefront of innovation, be it electric vehicles, underwater tunnels, architectural achievements… Norway is an interesting mix of all this. I hope to give you some insight into the real Norwegian spirit!





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Hosted By Irene


My name is Irene, I am originally from Rome but have been living in Oslo for the last 12 years. My love story with Norway and its amazing nature started during an interrail journey in 1989, after which I felt compelled to study the language for my BA.

Having worked for many years both as an official city guide as well as a tour director across Scandinavia, I will be thrilled to show you Oslo and tell you more about this country which went from being one among the poorest in Europe to owning the largest investment fund in the world!

Apart from my jobs in the tourism industry I work as a literary translator (Norwegian to Italian). I also hold a Masters in International journalism and occasionally do some radio pieces for the Swiss-Italian radio news programme. I love people and their stories at least as much as I love travelling and exploring new places. I will be delighted to show you around, tell you a few anecdotes and try to answer your questions.

If you are curious about Oslo and Norway, the country that inspired Edvard Munch's "Scream", as well as inventing the skis as well as a cheese that looks like a brick and tastes like caramel, don't hesitate any longer: come walk with me!

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