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How do Live Tours work?

Live Tours are carried out by hosts who are outdoors, on location and connected to you live via video call at all times.

Once you’ve booked a Live Tour, your host will contact you and send you a link for the video call. At the agreed time of your booking, all you have to do is click on this link and the Tour can begin!

Our preferred platform for video calls is Skype, no sign up is required on your end to join the video call!

Hosts will use their mobile phone and mobile data for the video call.

The quality of the connection depends on the hosts’ countries’ infrastructure and sometimes even their exact location. The 4G signal might be obstructed by a big building or tunnel, and coverage might generally be lower in certain areas.

While this will improve with the coming 5G network, our hosts cannot change the limitation of their network, which might impact image quality.

We recommend adjusting the size of the Skype window on your device to match the quality of the network signal. If image quality seems low, make your window a bit smaller.

All our Hosts have been vetted and trained to give you the best possible experience!

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