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Hello! Konnichiwa and welcome to TOKYO!! My name is MITSURU and I am a tour guide in the biggest metropolis in the world PLUS Kanto region.

Japan is a long country and has so many beautiful places! From Hokkaido in the north (near Siberia, Russia) to subtropical Okinawa (my ancestors land) near Taiwan.

I am a Japanese national, born and raised in São Paulo, experienced Australia (work and study) and a couple of Latin American countries. I love traveling, hiking, ride a bicycle and ice cream! 🙌

I'd say Tokyo is so unique, because it is not only the political capital but also the largest Japanese city for tourism, entertainment, business, shopping and gastronomy. Since 2013, when Tokyo was chosen to host 2020(+1) Olympic Games, this metropolis is becoming even better.

Looking forward to see you and to show you some part of Tokyo on a short live tour.

Arigatou gozaimasu! :)

* If you have any question, please send me a message or check out my availability. THANK YOU!

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  • Thorsten 1 January 2021

    The live tour with our guide Mitsuru was a great experience. He showed us around, providing helpful and interesting insights into modern and traditonal aspects alike. Technically everything worked faultless - it was like sitting on Mitsuru's shoulders. Excellent!

  • Clara 4 November 2020

    Taking a walk in Tokyo for an hour has been the best birthday present ever! Time just flew by in the company of Mitsuru, a very attentive, polite and professional guide who was making sure to answer all my questions. After such a fantastic experience I’m going to gift others (and myself) more virtual trips around the world. Thank you Mitsuru!

  • Grace 24 October 2020

    Thank you for the experience!
    That's amazing!

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