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Hello... I am Alain, I am from the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean where I am born and where I grew up. I have been working for many years at different levels in the local tourism industry. The reason is that I always loved the contact with foreigners and working in hotels gave me the possibility and the time to share my experience as an islander as well as my in-depth knowledge of the local nature with our guests, I eventually decided that the next logical step would be to be on the frontline and work as guide. I have been working as outdoor guide for so many years by now and the love of nature and the freedom of being outdoors have over the years brought me to nearly every corners of this beautiful island. I took the time to explore the towns and villages, the lagoons and hidden beaches, mountains and valleys, rivers and waterfalls. I have also always been curious to know more about the different cultures living here. Mauritius has so much more to offer than just the postcards clichés of beaches, turquoise lagoons and tropical sunsets. One just needs to get off the beaten tracks, see behind the curtains and be curious. The people of different cultures, the local customs, the mixture of the different cuisines, the print left behind by the past colonies have all contributed to shape Mauritius as a rainbow nation where people of different cultures coexist. This is what I would now love to show you...

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